Since Apr 2014

Ali Vaughan

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My Background

I am a wife, a mum (to a teenage son) and a full time Research Assistant with Oxford University. My husband is in the RAF, so we have moved around and lived in some wonderful places: Scotland, Germany and Cyprus (photo to the left - 2005). Since 2009, we have lived in Faringdon, and here we will stay!

I enjoy a challenge and have always taken part in some form of fitness 

activity from the age of 16: Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Netball, Circuit Training, Tai Chi, Tae Bo, Boxercise, Running, Rollerblading, Triathlons and now Zumba!

After attending Zumba Fitness Classes for 3 years, I was inspired, and encouraged, by my instructor to take the plunge and undergo instructor training. 

I completed the course in April 2014 and (after using work colleagues as guinea pigs) started teaching my own classes in May 2014.

I have since taken 4 more Zumba Fitness training courses: Zumba Glutes, Zumba Core, Zumba Burst, and Caribbean Rhythms and have incorporated some of the techniques I learned into my choreography! I now hold classes up to 4 times a week, in 4 different locations. The details can be found on my 'Classes' page. 

Questionable Tai Chi in Sunny Cyprus - 2007

My Boys - Summer 2013

Kitesurfers  in Mauritius 2014........ 

.....and my Zumba Posse, below

Christmas Zumba 2016 with my lovely Watchfield ladies....

...and with my JR Hospital lunchtime ladies...

April 2017 fun with my Watchfield ladies

Pre-run excitement! London 10km 2012

Brize Bombers - Brize Norton Netball Club 2012

Santas on the Run - 2012

A family cycle ride on a chilly, but sunny winter's day - 2014

Zumba Fundraiser for the Ebola Crisis 9/12/14, with some of my amazing workmates.

Oxford Zumba Kicks Cancer's Ass - March 2017!

Bring a Bloke to Zumba - Oxford - Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer UK and DUO - 28th June 2017